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FN-meeting 2018

On this page I am putting together all information about our trip to the FN-meeting in 2018. // The site will be updated continuously!!


 Appointment is confirmed!!!
  • Departure in Nartum: 11.09.2018 early in the morning
  • Return to Nartum: 19.09.2018 late afternoon to evening



  • or early arrival of the "riders" in Nartum / go to bed early or sit by the fire at night and drink beer.


  • Morning departure in Nartum / In the evening arrival first night / Boderwerder Campingplatz.
  • -- route, from Nartum at Langwedel over the Weser, then the river, most of the time west following to Boderwerder. About 200 km route. -- First stop is after about 50 km in Bücken. Ilari will remember! -- Second stop is in Schlüsselburg, also about 50 km further. -- Third stop and maybe the opportunity to eat is Rinteln / again about 50 km and after the fourth stage we reach Bodenwerder.


  • In the morning drive to Einbeck / Visit in PS-Speicher / In the afternoon drive to the second Overnight place.
  • -- route, From Bodenwerden we drive over Stadtoldendorf and Lüthorst to Einbeck -- After the museum we can eat something in Einbeck or send our Swedish Argentiner for shopping and barbecue in the evening. -- The drive to the campsite goes over Dassel; Neuhaus in Solling; Bad Karlshafen, Trendelburg and Lamerden to Zwergen and has about 80 km.


  • Drive to Frank or the campsite Jillieshof.
  • -- route, from Zwergen we drive over Wolfhagen and Waldeck Edertalsperre, from there via Edertal and Frankenau Frankenberg to the next "stopover" about 125 km. From here we drive about 150 km to Frank or to Jilleshof. This total distance of 275 km is the longest, so we do not have too much time on this day.


  • Drive to BK via Linz (Reinfähre) and Adenau (lunch break) / Afternoon arrive at Dieter and Start FN-meeting
  • -- route, from Linz to Adenau is still unclear.
  • -- route, from Adenau we go via Wimbach; Bauler; Kehlberg, Mosburg; elm; Auderrath; Lutz Rath; Upper Eschweiler; Lower Eschweiler; Bausendorf and Ürzig, about 85 km to Bernkastel.

15. und 16.09.


  • Return stage 1
  • -- route is still unclear...


  • Return stage 2
  • -- route is still unclear...


  • Return stage 3
  • -- route is still unclear...
  • Arrival in Nartum in the evening or late afternoon.



  • The total distance to be traveled with the motorcycles is estimated and inc. the distance of the FN-meeting 1400km.


  • Anyone who has a corresponding old-timer can drive with them. So to the 70 to 80 km/h he should be able to drive. Our average speed will be significantly lower.
  • To ride in the actual FN meeting, however, it needs a FN! Exceptions makes Dieter with companies which have since a direct relation to FN. Sarolea machines are such an exception! (Please register for the FN meeting for yourself!)
  • It would be good if possible prospects soon with contact me would!!!! It then plans better and I can include wishes and suggestions in the planning.

Other information:

  • As it looks at the moment we have a "broom wagon" which can also carry the luggage and the "food".
  • Overnight I plan on the route at the moment only campsites. Overnight stays in guest rooms or hotels should also be possible, but I need because before the safe number of participants and their wishes in this regard. In Bernkastel we should probably have again the guest rooms in which like the last years were also guests.
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